Free Bird Travel serves its customers at any stage of their corporate and individual organizations requested to be realized, from the projecting until the finalization. After having set the budget before the organization of the event, the alternative locations, catering options, details of the music, stage set-up and accommodation and transportation alternatives are presented to the customer. When the choices have been made, printed material such as the invitations, posters and banners are prepared; the list of guests is made and the invitations are distributed. Throughout the event organization, Free Bird Travel's expert and experienced team organize the decoration and the stage, the presentation of the posters, the banquet and the menus, provides the video and audio equipment, the simultaneous translation service and equipment, the optional social activities for participants and tour programs. And after the event, Free Bird Travel presents the services such as the analysis of the organization, the statistical data and the financial outcome, the photo album on a CD and the videos of the event.

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